Action after submitting a form

I created a form that will let users add a row to a sheet. I have a checkbox in the sheet that writes a boolean character (true/false). Based on this item I now either want to write either a 1 or a 0 into the next column.
I tried to do this with an action on submit. First I use the if-function to check the boolean condition. This seems to work. Then I tried the increment function and also the set column function to write directly into the column by setting a costume value in “This Row” and then under the column name. But I do not see the value in the sheet.
Any ideas how to solve this?

Couldn’t you just create an IF column in the sheet to give you a 1 or 0 based on the boolean value?

Also, a boolean column usually recognizes 0 or 1 as well as false or true. Not sure what your use case is, but may be unnecessary depending on what you are trying to do.

That would be an idea. But as these rows are created through the app I did not know how to add the if function. Furthermore, I need it in the google sheet, not only in the glide-function as I use a function in the google sheet (summewenn in German = sum up if condition). I tried to use the glide sheet-functions for that first but then I did not see these columns in the google sheet and could not use them further.

OK, yeah glide columns only stay in glide. Many people have had different results when using actions on submit. I honestly haven’t done actions on submit enough to know what does and doesn’t work. I think a lot of times it’s just timing and how fast the actions run. If a row isn’t finished writing then sometimes the On Submit actions don’t work right.

You could either do the IF in the google sheet instead, or maybe use a horizontal choice component that writes 0 or 1 to a column instead of using a checkbox or switch.

There’s a lot of other things you could do, like creating a custom form that temporarily writes values to user specific columns, then transfers them to your real columns. Then you could use and IF column to get your 0 or 1 and move that to the proper destination column. But doing it inside of an actual Form or Add screen can get tricky.

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That was very helpful, Thanks. I solved it with a choice box as I can have a different label to the value that I will write down. So I could label it yes or no and then write 1 or 0 as value! That works, thanks a lot!

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