Glitches in actions

i get glitches in actions after i submit a form, the values in set columns dont work. i have to go in and delete the value, then close out action, re open and put it back in. this happens randomly across the board all over… what is happening?

Maybe a question here is why you need to write true/false as text. Wouldn’t it be better if you use it as a boolean column and don’t have to write anything if it’s not true?

It’s the same thing. true and false.

But I want the natural behavior to write the column not do it before on a hidden default field. I believe the natural flow should auto set the field so I connect all task or meeting creations to one workflow action, not hide a default hidden field in every form.

But never the less the matter at hand whether Boolean or not, true is check and false is unchecked and the system behavior is not consistent within glide for this. Kind of erratic.

Boolean Checked = true
Boolean Unchecked = false OR blank

Blank can be accounted for as false if it’s a boolean and you use the ‘not checked’ operator on it. There really shouldn’t be very many scenarios where you explicitly have to write ‘false’…unless you are using a boolean with 3 possible states instead of 2.

I don’t put a lot of faith in using On Submit like you are. There’s way too much reliance on the row actually existing by the time the On Submit actions fire, which is pretty damn quickly. I’m guessing you are trying to update a row that doesn’t completely exist yet when the action fires. If you want to keep using On Submit, then I recommend putting in a Wait action to give the row time to be written before the rest of your actions fire.


aaaaahhhhhhhh…i find this good info yet troubling… while we all live one second at a time, computers are living one milli of a milli second at a time, which brings up a large engineering question on why i should have to implement a wait scenario among any updated behavior like this across the app

Just don’t do it and then you won’t have the problem to worry about. There are much better - and more reliable - ways to get the outcome you desire.

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