Returning highest/lowest value from filtered list

I am trying to pick out the lowest time (column 2 or 3) that is TRUE in column 1.

I can use a rollup to get 15 or 120 easily.

I used an IF THEN ELSE to bring out the 2 values selected but rollup only allows count/count unique, the same is true if I “convert” the values with a Maths or a Template column.

Here’s one way:

  • Create a self-relation on your boolean column (multi-relation)
  • Do a Rollup on that relation, selecting the minimum
  • Then use an ite-column. If the boolean is true, use the value of the rollup column. Else blank.

Min / Max !!!

This works with the caveat that all the boolean columns had been activated in the same way, which is very odd.

I have a custom trigger to set columns to TRUE or FALSE, if I tick or untick the Boolean in the data editor it records it as a different value.

Make of that what you will :thinking:

Try using true/false (lowercase) in your Set Columns action.

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Yup, that worked. Booleans are case sensitive.
Thank you again.