Comparing a Rollup to a set of Numbers

I have a rollup column that shows a ( tasks done number).

which is the count of a boolean checklist.


i want to compare this number if it reached 10 or any value from its multiples:
10 - 20 - 30 …etc.
if yes then do some actions (set column values in different table)+ increments in different tables.
if no then do nothing.
how can i achieve this?
i can add an if-else column and add each multiple by itself but i think there is a better way.
how can i achieve this?

Use a math column with a modulus formula: Mod(Number,10)
If the math column returns 0, it meets your condition.


Do you want to tie an action to the point where you click the 10th task then it would do something? I think you have to change things a bit to achieve that, because the “check” won’t give you an option to do another action.

thanks all for your replys. i had to change some logic in my app to work easier :sweat_smile:. because its hard to do an action based off a check even in the future.