Visibility based on more that one condition

Is it possible with the visibility feature to add additional conditions?
I have basic text that I would like to make visible if a checkbox is checked and basic text is true.


Not right now, but we will make that possible eventually.

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For now you could use text template to construct a value like "true true" then test for that value.

Would be also ok to set conditions for values in different sheets.

Could you give an example of what you mean?

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I have a choice block searching GDPR values in a sheet called GDPR :Row 1> 1 Yes agree …Row 2> 2 I do not agree

I want users to fill a form and some fields should be visible only if they have choosen 1 Yes agree in the previous choice component

I tried using a Relation column combined with a Lookup Column to get a value from another sheet for the condition. That didn’t work, but I would think that you could us a VLOOKUP in your sheet to get a true/false value from your GDPR sheet, then test against that value to show or hide fields.

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Jeff, would you mind describing the Relation/Lookup setup you tried that didn’t work? Do you think it should work the way you tried it?

@Mark Looking at @Gerard_Fernandez question again, I may have misunderstood his question. I didn’t realize he was in an Add/Edit situation, so I don’t think I have a solution for him.

As for a Visibility condition based on Relation/Lookup I think I may have set it up wrong. I was using a Multiple relation with a Lookup column against that Relation. I changed the Relation to be a non-Multiple single relation. The Lookup column I created against that relation now shows up under the list of columns that can be used as a condition under Visibility.

All-in-all, I learned something, but didn’t help anybody else.

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Currently encounter this problem. Hope to see the support for more than one condition soon :wink:
Trying to display “buy button” of four different amount of money, depending on two categories: profile (participants or students), before April 1 (Yes or No).


I had a related question for you, @Jeff_Hager.

I have implemented a Switch as part of a Form submission that records the switch status in a Sheet 1. I am trying to set up a Lookup in another sheet (Sheet 2) that is supposed to check the status of the switch in Sheet 1 (I use the Lookup results to set up a visibility of a component) - but I don’t know how to do a Lookup of a switch status. Do you have any suggestion on how I might do this?

All you need is a single relation column to link sheet 2 to sheet 1. Once you have the relation set up, you can create a lookup column that will obtain the switch column value you need, from the relation. You can use that lookup value for your visibility.