Setting a visibility condition for a component on that is dependent on a Relationship Value

When users fill submit information via a Form, it results in a Relationship value (that I am tracking via a Lookup in my sheet) being incremented by 1. I would like to set a visibility condition that tracks this such that when the Relationship value is “X” the component does not show. But if the Relationship Value becomes “X+1” (which happens when someone submits the Form) it does.

I would appreciate any thoughts on how I can do this.

I don’t quite understand this. If you have that Relationship value calculated already, what’s preventing you from using that as a condition in your visibility settings?

Prior to the Form submission, the Relationship value is X. After submission, it is X+1. I do not want a component to be visible if ‘X’ but I do want it to be visible if ‘X+1’. I could not figure out a way to tie the visibility to the Relationship value when all I know is that X goes up by 1. How do I create logic that tracks if a cell goes up by 1? Maybe it is simple logic that I cannot figure out?

Is X a static number? What is the logic behind that?

The logic was based on a billing app I created that utilized the method outlined in the below link to make sure that previously selected choices have been eliminated:

X is not static. It represents the Relationship outlined in the above link that keeps track of the selected choices. Every time a choice is selected, Relationship value is incremented by 1, and the number of choices reduced. I hope that makes it cleared.

Thanks for your help on this, @ThinhDinh.

Would you need to set this multiple times? As in if X = 1 then component 1 is visible, then if another form is submit then component 1 is not visible, show component 2 and the list goes on?