How to create a visibility to show


How to create a visibility to show a component whever it increases by count.

If I have 4 rows in my table i don’t want to show it.
But if it increases by 1 as 5,it should show the component.

Need to be done in the visibility component.

Create a rollup column to count the number of rows in your table.
Use that column in your visibility condition, ie. “count is less than 5”

I just gave an example as 5.

The exact count i cannot determine,we can say infinity times

So how would you describe the visibility condition in plain English?

We need to give numbers,thats okay.
but this tab showing orders sohow can i describe a number,can i put 1000 in there ?

Future i need to change if the order comes to 1000.

Tell me how put “count is less than 5” in visibility condition?

Sorry, I don’t understand this.

Screen Shot 2022-11-10 at 6.23.31 PM

Actually what my requirement is to show component everytime when count increases.
How to achieve it by using conditional visibility ?

Okay, so could I put that another way and say that you want to show the component when there is a “new” item in the table?

What sort of component are you wanting to apply this to? Is it an inline list, or something else?

Also, what would cause a “new” item to be considered no longer “new”?
For example, once a user has seen the new item, is it automatically no longer new, or does the user need to do something with that item?

I want to show this red color dot in store pickup tab if any new order comes.It doesn’t matter whether the user sees it or not.I just wants to remind or force the user that something is there in the store pickup.

Its a rich text component showing it on store pickup tab.

Okay, we’re making progress :slight_smile:

Just tell me though, when would the dot go away?
Or in other words, how can we tell if an order is new?

Ofcourse,its needs to go away if the user saw it.But i don’t have solutions so i left that sort of things as of now.But curious to know how to deal with it.

If needed we can add a status field.but for example,if a new order comes and we create a new field as status is new,and we are giving a condition like if status is new show the component.Thats okay.But i dont know how could i know if the user sees the order in store pickup tab.

is it someone needs to change the status may be in the store side ?
Any other idea ?Please.

Okay, so here is my suggestion:

  • Create a user specific boolean column in your table. Let’s call that “UserViewed”
  • On the Inline List component on that screen, change the action to a custom action as follows:
    – Show Detail Screen → this item
    – Set Column Values → UserViewed → true
  • Now to get a count of new items, do a rollup on the UserViewed column, counting the number of unchecked values

Using the above approach, each user will see their own personalised count, and as they view each item, that item will be removed from the count.

If you wanted to, you could also use the UserViewed column as a filter on the Inline List, so each user would only see new items in the list. If you do that, you might need to add a choice component to allow them to toggle between “Show All” and “Show New” items.

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Hi Darren,

It looks somewhat understandable,i will give a try.

Why do you put a video regarding this functionality in your YouTube if you have time.