Visibility based on Rollup count

Creating an onboarding system as per Robert Petitto’s tutorial where a check is performed to see if a username already exists.

For some reason it’s not working. I have set the visibility of a warning message to ‘count is greater or equal than 2’, which references a roll up column where the number is definitely 2. But it remains invisible. It becomes visible when I set the conditions to ‘less than 1’, but how is that possible - there is clearly a number 2 in the Glide table column?!

No doubt this is something really obvious but for now…I’m stumped.

It’s because you’re using row owners on the Email column…the data editor incorrectly shows “2”.

ah thank you, will change

@Dan76 I know you’ve solved your immediate issue, but I can’t help myself…

It looks like you’re trying to check for duplicates, yes?
Can you explain your use case a little? Quite possibly there is a better way to approach it.
Or you can just ignore me, I won’t be offended :slight_smile:

Hi Darren, yes I was trying to bring up an ‘error’ message if a user created a name that was already in use by another user. It seems to work well now.

The app is a rebuild of one I made a while back for an Amazing Race event. There will be many visibility functions throughout the app so it’s likely I’ll be back here soon with more questions!

Teams compete via the app and unlock screens with clues for each objective in the race. Clues are hidden inside Forms with If or Else actions that determine if an answer is correct or not. Correct answers unlock new clues. It’s important that the app is set up so that teams cannot not see clues that other teams have unlocked - I want to have visibility-per-user and no downloadable content (in case a tech savvy player tries to cheat the game by inspecting all the answers).

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Cool, sounds like a fun app :+1: