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Have count the users email column.Itsvshowing exactly the total users logged in my app in glide table but displays 1 my app when displayed as it because of row owner in email column?

If you’re using rollup on top of a table that has row owners, you can only count rows that you can see, since the calculation happens on the device and the device only has access to those rows.

Can I use the phone number for this,it’s also a unique thing right?

Or else any idea like,comparing the phone number and email like that?

If you mean using row owners for phone numbers, then no.

What matters is that you’re using row owners, which protects your users’ data, but it also means that they’re only viewing their own rows, so if you want to rollup everything then it’s a no go.

A way to do this is, only if you’re using a Sheet, is using an arrayformula in the Sheet to count the total number of users, then display it in the app.

Yes I’m using sheets.may I know the way of doing this.

Or you might consider a sign-in step on first use that pushes a name into another Glide Table. You can have a data column in that table and then add a set column in a button that get’s used frequently in your app to set the current time (timestamp). In this way, you have a trip-wire that records usage and you can see who has been on your app recently, sorted by the Timestamp.

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Assuming you store your emails in column A, then the formula would be.