Get numbers in Glide tables when user press a button

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I have a technical problem to solve on my Glide app. When a user press a button, I want that two numbers in my glide table in maths columns comes into two other numbers columns. So I configures an action which Set column value. But when I try the button, the numbers I get in my table are the wrong numbers (it’s 1 and 0 at the place of 3 and 2). What can I do?

You’ll need to provide some more context here. Screenshots of data. Screenshots of your actions. I don’t know what you mean by 1 and 0 at the place of 3 and 2.

What is store in Likes is 3 and in Dislikes it’s 2 but get 1 in Start likes and 0 in start dislikes

This would be useful too.

Where does the data from the math columns come from? Does it ultimately come from a table under row ownership? Maybe some rollup columns from a relation to a table under row ownership??? I’m purely guessing since I don’t have the full picture here, but you probably have row owners somewhere, which is causing rollups to only count rows that you actually own, so that’s why you are only getting counts of 0 or 1. One table only has 1 row that you actually own, and the other table doesn’t have any.

By ownership you mean user specific data? Because I don’t have any user specific data in this project.

No, by Row Owners I do mean Row Owners. I’m not talking about user specific columns.

No I don’t think it is user specific columns (but maybe I’m wrong). I have the data that I want, displayed correctly in the same table, in the same row with the same user in Likes and Dislikes.

Like I said. I’m not talking about user specific columns. I can see that it’s most likely NOT user specific columns. What I’m asking about is Row Owners. Completely different thing.

You didn’t answer my other questions, but trace back through those math columns, all the way to the source columns in whatever tables they come from. Then check to see if the rows in those tables have row owners applied.

To be honest I don’t know how to make row owners so I don’t think I have done this because I don’t know how to do. I think I understand what you mean (I saw a YouTube video of Robert on the subject). I go to lunch and then I try to solve with this new info and I comeback here.

If you have a users table, check the email column to see if it has a little blue icon like is shown below:

If you see that, then it means that column has Row Owners applied. Glide does that by default, so you might not have noticed it.

If it’s there, you can remove it by editing the column.

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You are right! Thank you, I have the data that I want now! Another question, on my app I have a swipe fonctionality but users can also scroll (and the scroll doesn’t work so easy) so what can I do? I delete the swipe and I replace it by two buttons?

Don’t thank me, thank @Jeff_Hager :wink:

Would you mind creating a new topic for your second question please?

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I Thank you two both! (Thank you also Jeff :grinning:)


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