Rollup made user specific?

Hi Glide lovers,

I just released my first Glide app and it looks already great. Thanks for creating such an amazing product.

In short it allows people to secure their seats for specific events. Each user can preview on its own agenda the events he will attend. I made a rollup function to count the number of people who registered to an event. The “sign-up” button is supposed to disappear when the session is full. However it looks like the rollup function is user specific. But it’s not. I noticed that when someone takes for places then the session is full and he can’t have more. Other can still sign up tho.

Any clue on that?

Happy to provide more information.

Thanks a lot guys.

Cheers from Lyon, France

Can you share how you have your rollup and visibility conditions set up?

Places prises = the number of seats that people already booked.
Jauge = the maximum number of seats available.

The relation helps to see how many people (startups in our case) booked a seat for an event.

Hope it helps. Thanks anyway.

Hello, Julien! Actually, you’re using Row owners and automatically this change all user view and setup by who’s signed-in.

Hi Lucas thanks for your reply! Makes sense. But still I need to have a user view that shows the events they’ll attend and a way to hide the sign up button when it’s full. What can I do? thanks a lot

Can you take a screenshot of those 2 columns? The screenshot you took is from another column

Hi Lucas,

I tried to do my best. You’ll find a few screenshots. Let me know if it works for you.