Rollup value doesn't shows at User interface

Hey guys, can you help me to find out why is this happen in this app

I’m trying to get the quantity of elements existing in a relation wich it works fine on table but I was Unable to get the value into the frontend as you can see on images next:

By the way, it doesn’t show anything when I try to create an inline list using the “RelUsers” relation as source. :persevere:

Much appreciate your help guys.

It looks like you’re using Row Owners on your profile table. Each user will only be able to access their own row of information, including Rollups through a Relation.

Your RelUsers is actually only downloading the row that is owned by the logged in user, so the count will only use their own information in the calculation.


Oh, I see, then if I remove the row owner property on the profile table, I´ll be able to get the value.
Now is this action (remove the row owner property from the profile table) will affect the information each user can access on the app, right?

You can add the filter component from restricting users to access each others information

Yes, removing row owners will mean that all information from that table is downloaded to the end device of each user.

You can use visibility conditions to hide the data from view, but it is still technically accessible by a savvy user that knows how to inspect the back-end data of your app since it will be downloaded to each user’s device.

If you don’t require the data to be fully secured, you can remove row owners and rely on visibility conditions.

If you do require the data for each user to be secured, you’ll have to use some work-arounds to use Rollups like this. You may need to create a second user table with less information (the data that is OK to share among all users) and create your relations and Rollups from that table.


Yes, you guys are right, when I remove the row owner property the value shows up, I have a table wich only has the user email, I think I could use that one to get the value I need without remove the row owner on the profile table.

Thank you so much guys!

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