Strange behavior during data output on a user detail screen

Hi gliders - take a look at this behavior. I have built a user-detail view with several very simple fields.
the strange thing is that i sometimes don’t get the values from the table displayed.
it feels like a bug…

What do you think?


Where are the Rollup values coming from? Are they coming from a table that has row owners applied?

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yes - the data comes from the user table and it has a rowowner defined.

You can’t view rows or data in those rows if you are not the row owner. That’s why your results are zero.

ok - thank you very much! but why does it work with some data and not with others?

Is it working with data in rows where you are the row owner, or the user you are previewing the app as is the row owner?

It all depends on where the data is coming from. Bottom line is that you can’t access data you don’t own. If that’s not the case, then we would need to know more about how your data is set up.

ok, I see.
In my case, I have created 2 rowowners in the usertable.
one rowowner is the user of the app, the other is me as admin. so I am also the “owner” of this data.
in this case, i view the data as admin because i have created an area in the app where i want to view the user data. this is mainly about data on the degree of use of the app per user.

against this background, i could imagine what the problem is.
the rollup column data comes from the accounts table. but this table only has the user as a rowowner.
i could imagine that this is why this data is not displayed. i.e. i would also have to create a second - i.e. an admin - rowowner in the accounts table, right?

Yes, that’s correct.

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ahh ok - that makes sense

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