Relation details do not match LookUp details when in Layout

Not sure this is a bug…seems like it or I just don’t understand how templates with RollUps work.

Here is the issue:

I have a relation that I use to pull in template columns from another table. When I look at the screen data details in the Layout Editor the relation is correct.

and when I look at details within the relation the values are also correct:
“33” is the correct value. It comes from a RollUp and this is a template column.

However, when I do the actual lookup to bring the value into this row it looks like this:
“33” becomes “0” when the lookup is returned.

The rollup is based on an initial Query and the query and rollup data in the referenced table/column are correct and the template column is correct until the Lookup retrieves the actual data.

I do not understand why looking at the data in the Layout/Data Editor shows different values (e.g. inspecting the data within the relation (correct) vs doing a lookup to retrieve the data (incorrect)).


Gonna ask this every time results in the data editor are not consistent. Are row owners involved anywhere along the line from the initial Rollup to the final Lookup? Are you trying to visualize data that you are not the owner of?

Yes indeed remembering your sage advise - “always look at Row Owners first” especially since access to most data is based on Row Owners.

So I looked the underlying data tables/row owners and the actual rollups (where I also have row owners). Everything looks correct.

Super confusing that all the data is correct in the ‘chain’ of rollups. Not sure how I should be debugging row owners since the data along the ‘chain’ seems/is accurate from a row owners perspective.

It is definitely row owners.

I look at the RollUps (which are based on row owners access to the data) and everything is good but it is not displaying correctly.

The chain is: meetings (rollup via a query) in territory that rolls up (via a query) to a rollup table that is accessed by the user table (via a relation) which displays it.

Meetings (with roles)
Territory table ‘rollup’ - correct (with roles)
Rollup table ‘rollup’ - correct (with roles)
User table relation at detail level - correct (no roles other than email)

I added roles to the User table and everything worked. I ‘assumed’ that without roles assigned everything is accessible…and it looked that way in the editor. But not when displayed/looked up.

Thanks for the clue - I would not have figured out the place/table without roles was where the filtering was occurring.