Query, RollUp, Template

I have created a Query (works great) and then I do 'rollup’s for Sum/Count/Average.

WORKS great. Everything displays fine in the data editor.

I use the results in a template, everything looks great in the GDE (including the template).

When I go to layout the rich text component has all ‘blanks’ instead of the correct template data (which is correct per the data editor and the row info in the layout editor).

The filter is showing the correct row. The column data for the text shows the correct data.

Unfortunately the template does not display any of the rollup data correctly. Other data in the template are displayed correctly and the column data shown in the editor is the CORRECT data.

All row owners look correct in the editor.

I am stumped - help / thoughts. I can share screens.

In the editor the results is:

In the layout data view the result is (can’t show the whole thing but the data is their):

When it is displayed I get this (ignore the 100,000 - I created a different template to see if the template worked in the RT field and it did):

Here is how it should look (using a non-query template builder):

Not sure why everything looks great in the data editor but not when it is rendered in layout.

Last clue - I just did a rollup of a relation (YTD) and a query (QTD). Here is how they display:

They looked exactly like they should in the data editor in layout mode:

Here is what they look like in the data editor- everything is correct:

Are you rolling up data under row ownership?

Jeff, yes and they are all correct per what I see in the editor.

Something just changed just now since the query returns 0 instead of the actual info (like it just happened).

More to come…

It is a bug. I ran the query with no filters and it worked. When I put in filters…it didn’t work - see below. I removed row owners from the data. Weird thing is the data is correct in the data editor when using filters - it is just rendered incorrectly. All results look great in in templates and columns - just not in layout-mode/app (I checked the running App also).

With filter in query:


Without filter in query:


Last example - instead of using a template I used a basic table:
Query with filter:

Here is what is displayed in the editor using filters in the query - all is correct.

This is how it renders:

Same query with no filters:



The bug is related to “is included in”.

I just ran the query with a different filter “is” and it worked as advertised.

The results are correct in GDE:

AND the results are correct when rendered: