Bug - Rollup + Count + Template

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When I have a column with rollup + count (screenshot)
In the app, when I show it, it appears like a count unique instead of count.

I assume that it is relative to the template (NB_Fidele).

You could try to add a math column and put the template value in there. Then do the rollup on that math column.

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Thanks Jeff.
It doesn’t work. It seems that it works only on basic column and not template or math column.
I’ll manage it in another way.

What are you trying to get a count of?

Because I wanted to put a name for people who attend more than 8 events. (old) and people who attend less than 8 events (New).

And each event, I wanted to count how many old people (more than 8 events) has subscribed with the field “NB_New-old”.

My purpose was to limit the subscription to only 3 “old” people per session.

But I found a workaround to show only people who attended more than 8 events when they subscribe (through a form), user’s status appears if he’s a 'old" people. So I could count this.

Thanks for your time.

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