Roll up a look up

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Hello guyz,

I count (rollup) the number of item in a look up column. It works but I think i have a display bug :

If it is a real bug, in other tab i can’t count my look up column :sweat_smile: :

Your rollup should be against the relation. You can’t rollup a lookup. I have no idea how you even have numbers in your count column in your first gif. That should explain why the you can’t do it in the second gif. You should be pointing to the column through the relation.

The Rollup in my gif 1 is still good for each line.

I tried to Rollup a Relation, but it doesn’t work everytime :man_shrugging:

That’s probably because you renamed the relation after creating it. That’s an outstanding bug that’s been around for awhile. Recreate the relation with the proper name before before hitting done. Then you should be able to do your rollup.

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It works ! thanks Jeff :slight_smile:

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