🍥 Rollups!

Now you can do a computation across a column in a relation or a sheet!

Currently we support Earliest & Latest for date type columns, Sum & Average & Min & Max for number columns, All True & Some True for boolean columns, and then Count for any column type!

See how I used a rollup to calculate what recipes I can make with the Ingredients I own here: https://food-template.glideapp.io/

Feel free to share any interesting ways you’re using rollups and let me know if there’s any bugs you find!



I made an Expense Splitter:


That is great! Exactly what I needed :slight_smile:




Hi @tru! How do you envision users using “some true” vs “true” (that’s a lot of tru/true)?

Also, would LOVE the ability to filter the Rollup by another column as well (eg count all items in a column that match true in another column or sum all items that match a users email address in another column)

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I think you might be able to filter the Rollup using a relation. For example set up a relation using email and it will count all the related rows with that email.

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Just gotta tell you, @Jeff_Hager, that your template/relation combo trick is FANTASTIC. It takes longer than just writing a VLOOKUP formula, but if it can decrease/eliminate lag altogether, then it’s obviously worth it. I’ve already used it successfully a couple of times in my Inventory app…haven’t tested it out yet, but I expect good things. You’re the best.


How to format the result in currency format?

Anotação 2020-02-12 175655

We are working on that.


Temporarily, you could probably create a template column to join the Currency symbol with the calculated value.

This has already been done, as shown in the image, the problem is the cents

Got it. Yeah I’d like to see some sort of formatting option for number columns.

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Can the formatting be done in the Spreadsheet first?

It sure can, but there might be a slight delay for the update to make it back to the app compared to instant results.

Format the entire column in the sheet in NUMBERS after you have at least one submission in the sheet.