Conditional Rollup within Glide data editor

Wondering if anyone has successfully used the rollup column in the data editor meeting certain conditions?

I know this can be done with some spreadsheet magic, but would love to minimize as many google sheets formulas as possible.

Specifically, I’m creating a cart, and would like to sum up the price for cart items only for the specified user.

Yep. Create the relation first, then Rollup the relation.

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Let me expand and let me know if I’m missing something.

I want to create a rollup to count the sum of a quantity of items from a relation column ONLY IF a certain condition is met in an adjacent column.

For my use case, I’m matching inventory (cart items) and I only want to count inventory of the items whose orders are marked as paid. I’m indicating whether or not an order is paid with a boolean.

I have a rollup now on the total quantity of the item the user adds to their cart, but it counts all orders, which could be cancelled or not yet paid for by the user.

For the “if paid” boolean, instead of resulting in true/false, result in item name/blank. Then do the multiple relation to the if-then column and then the rollup should be accurate.

Done. Thanks for reminding me of this!

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