Rollup on a formula field

Hi I am trying to do I rollup on a formula field and the only rollup I see it count. I would like to sum all the values.

I have also tried making it a template and that does not work either.

Is there any workaround to this as I think the problem is that the value is not seen as a number but a string

If you only see count as an option it’s because Glide sees that value as text. Check to see if your number is stored in a text column along your flow. Otherwise add a math column in between and simply multiply by 1. This should force your value to be a number. Then do your rollup on that new math column.


Nowhere in my flow are there any text fields.


And regarding the math column I am getting this error message. I’m unsure as to what to do next.


I am trying to minus Amount from amount paid and do a rollup on the amount outsanding

Could it be that I added the currency symbol to it?

Your math formula is incomplete. It should be amount * 1, and then use a replacement for amount.

Where is that being added? If it’s just display formatting that’s applied in the Glide Data Editor as part of the Number column configuration, then that should make no difference.

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@Eric_Penn was correct. My brain was being ddosed🥴

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To @Darren_Murphy’s point you shouldn’t need the math column if you find the culprit. Were you able to figure it out without the additional math column? Sometimes the devil is underneath the column… somewhere in your flow it may appear as a number column if it comes from say GSheet but it needs to be edited and saved again to force the format type

Everything is working now, I just substituted the formula column for the math column. But its strange as I went through the whole flow of where and how I capture the data and didnt see any point where I may have saved it as text. I could be missing something but everything is working now

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