Rollup math functions are not working with if-else column

Rollups SUM, AVERAGE, MIN, MAX, RANGE functions are not working with if-else column which are referenced from number columns

Probably they are seen as text. Would it work if you create a math column and reference that ITE?

Check the data type of the IF ELSE column.

There is no data type choice in if-else
But checked all the parameters and the are all in number format

Currently, I’m using a math column and multiplying it with 1 in order to convert it.
But the column is in currency format and normally glide can calculate the currency format before if-else valuation.

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Yeah, my bad. I meant to suggest that you check all the outputs are in the same format.

Hello @sardamit
I did it as well.
The only workaround for me was converting it with math formula for now.
I will add currency with template column.
I wish, we could have a chance to use variable in “unit” field inside math column.