Rollup not allowing for Sum operation

I have created two identical fields that do the same excel functions to render an answer. I then created a “dummy” math field to reference that excel formula answer so that I can format the numbers to the preferred format i.e. $x.xx
I then rollup those “child” object fields to a “parent” and in one column I can have it Sum the field, and in the second column referencing the “twin” it does not allow for Sum???

One of the fields references a data field that is used in Scenario 1
The other field references a data field that is used in Scenario 2

Both calculations are identical up to the result fields -
resultField1 = 123.456789
resultField2= 234.56789

dummyFieldUsedInRollup1 = $123.46
dummyFieldUsedInRollup2= $234.57

On the parent object I can rollup all of the dummyFieldUsedInRollup1 fields from the various child objects and I can Sum them.
On the same parent object I cannot rollup dummyFieldUsedInRollup2 and use Sum?

I have followed the fields all the way back to the base of the calculations and they are identical - obviously other then the one field for scenario1 and scenario2 but both of those are simply number fields so that should not matter.

I saw this post: Rollup math functions are not working with if-else column
Which I am doing via the “Dummy” fields. Just an FYI as I have searched the forum and have come up empty handed so far

Do any of the rows result in an empty or blank value? There may be a problem if all the values are not numeric.

@Jeff_Hager - that is a great tip! However, I substituted a “1” in place of a “0” in my IF statement so that the column had a 1.00 in there vs 0.00. Didn’t work.
What is interesting - the Column that “works” aka allows me to perform a Sum on the Rollup - if I try to duplicate the exact same thing, same column and everything, it won’t let me do the Sum function?
Right now I am on the “free” plan - is there a limit somewhere built in? I am going to purchase, but want to make sure it can do what I need it to do first.
Any thoughts?

This shouldn’t be limited by the fact that you are on a free plan. You mentioned that you are using an Excel Formula. I kind of wonder if that is doing something like returning a text based number instead of a numeric number. It’s hard to say what, but my guess is that at some point it’s seen as text, which would cause the IF column to be text, and the Rollup not to work.

Can you share what your formula looks like? Also, screenshots or a video would help a lot.