SUM via rollup tips


Just to let you know this essential tip:

if you want to do SUM (roll up column) you need to target number format value.

Not IFthenELSE with other IF then else in it or template etc …

So the trick is:
1/create SUM column first by targeting a temporary number column.
set SUM.

2/ create the columns you need, IfthenElse etc…

3/Change the target inside the SUM (rollupcolumn) to your desired column.
But dont touch the dropdown of computing or the name of the column or anything.

Then the rollup column will stay in SUM mode… even if your target is a IF column with sometimes TEXT, or FALSE or empty…

Have a nice day

So are you trying to share the tip or reporting this as a bug? If you don’t want to report this as a bug, we can help changing the category to be appropriate.

This may not apply exactly to what you are doing, so take what works for you and leave the rest.

When I have a need to have a conditional SUM, I create a relation based off of an ITE column and then use a rollup based off of that relation. The rollup only sums the records captured within the relation, and I haven’t had any issues with formatting.

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I don’t understand. Can you give an example with screen shots?