Rollup sum from If, then, else source column

Hey Gliders,

Just a quick one: I’m trying to sum the values from a multiple relation column using the rollup function however I can only see count and count unique, not a sum option.

I assume this is because the source column in the multiple relations in a if, then, else format rather than a number number format. Is there a away around this?


Can you try creating a template column in the sheet you are relating to and fill it with the result from the if then column? Then try to use the rollup against the template column. I’m not sure if it will work, but I’ve had success with other things by moving the value to a template column.

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Thanks for the suggestion Jeff. Unfortunately this didn’t work. Tried the same with a math formula as well :frowning:

Wild idea, but can you try a math column and multiply everything by 1?


Or just replacing the same column but in a new Math one

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Someone give this Glider a medal! Works perfectly - thanks Thinh! :slight_smile:


I would also like to see this working. Rollup does not recognize numbers in If->Else columns as numbers

Can you try the Math column approach above? We don’t have it happen naturally as of now so that’s a workaround.