Missing Dollar Signs?

Here is my sheet

See all those $$$

Now here is my app

Most of the $$$ are missing (and some of them are going 3 decimal places)

What am I missing?

Did you hard-code the $ into the “text” of the value in the original sheet, or do you use it as a “unit” in Glide?

Unit in Glide.

These are rollups and maths

What should I check in the sheet?

Might be a bug. I know sometimes you have to use a template to “lock in” the formatting, but I’m not sure if I’ve seen that happening when simply displaying the value in a component. Try adding one of the rollup or math values in a template column and display that in your table instead.


That worked.

I converted all my columns that were not diplaying right into Templates.

Those worked with the $$$