Disappearing decimals with an If, then, else column

I am facing the following issue: In a Glide table, I have two decimal columns; for example, in the first column, there’s a value of €100.00, and in the second column, a value of €200.00. Through an If, Then, Else column, I want to select a value (in this case, “if column 1 has a value, then column 2”) but in my If, Then, Else column, I get the value “200” instead of €200.00.

In other words, the currency symbol and the decimal values after the comma are not displayed. I have many such columns, so a solution using a “template column” isn’t elegant.

Is there another solution?

yeah, this is a known issue.

The workaround is to add a math column after the if-then-else to reapply the display precision and units.

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Thanks Darren,

I can add a math column but can’t add a formule from a if, then, else column. That doesn’t work. Because it’s introduce a cycle of dependencies.

Sorry, i did’t pay attention enough.
That solution works!

Thank you Darren!

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