IF-THEN-ELSE Column does not keep the numeric formating

My app’s URL: https://curly-laborer-0521.glideapp.io/

Hello comunnity. Maybe someone can help me on this:

I have 2 numeric columns (Debit and Credit). I have formated both for currency, including a Plus sign or a Minus sign.
When I use a If-then-else column to display one of them, the Data Editor looses the formating.

Check the video, please.

In those cases I usually create a template column filled with the value from a numeric or math or date column to “lock in” the formatting. Then you can use the template column in the IF/THEN and the value will stick. In your case you may be able to shortcut this. Create a template column and fill it with the letters ‘CD’. Set the replacement value of C to the credit column and the replacement value of D to the debit column. This might work without the need of an If Then column.

Thanks for the quick response and the template tip.
In fact, the template column, using “CD”, resolves the issue.

But, in reality, there is a bug in the resolution of the if-then-else column, isn’t there?

That’s debatable I guess. In most cases, yes I’d prefer if we didn’t have to do the template trick, but I can also understand if you have a situation where you would want to show the result of each step of a complex calculation, but only display a rounded or formatted value on the screen. Take pi for example. You might want to only display 3.14, but your calculations still need to use 3.14159265359. I think 3.14 is easier on the eyes if you are displaying it on the screen

I can see it both ways, but I’m glad I at least have the option to either use a template as a workaround or not.

Understood. :slightly_smiling_face:Thank you.

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