Formatting column number after an IF/THEN, possible or not possible?

I have a problem with logic. I don’t know if Glide can handle this. I have a layout list on a Home tab. There is the name of the product, its description and the selling price. Then the picture (at the end). The problem concerns the price.
What I am trying to do is when the price is not defined, it is replaced by the text “Admits Offers”. I can easily do this with an IF / THEN column. The problem is: I want the price to contain currency like in te original column price (€ or £ or whatever), but the IF/THEN column takes away the formatting for the currency. So the text “Admits Offers” appears and the numbers are unformatted.
I added a template column to retrieve the formatting and the currency, it works but the text “Admits offers” disappears.
How to do ? Thank you…

So your template is getting and locking in the value from the price column? Do you have a screenshot showing how the “Admits offers” text disappears?

I cannot reproduce text disappearing but the problem is still there: original formatting of number currency column disappear.

Other attempts do not work. This one creates a text column with the text “Admit Offers” (last column on the screenshot)

I can not see in your Template column that your “Prix” value is assigned to anything?


Yeah, like @Mozza mentioned, something doesn’t look to be set correctly with your template column. I don’t think there is a bug. I think all you need to do is create a template column with the letter X, for example, and replace X with the price. This will lock in the formatting. Then you can create your IF column that checks the original price column for zero or empty, and if not return the template column value, else return ‘Admits Offers’. So you should only need a Price column, a Template column, and an IF column.


Well, I may have missed something…
From my side, it does not seem that the X replacement locks the formatting.

Please look at the documentation for the Template column. I’m not sure you are clear with the functionality of it. :wink:


Done. thank you.
What confuse me is that I thought @Jeff_Hager was saying that the price of IF/THEN column should be empty but he was talking about the cell in replacement column…

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I am adding the screenshot of replacement column for those who want to see the whole use-case.


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