If text is X in column then change it to Y

I’m having a little problem with “price” entry on my app. When I ask a user to enter a price (I set that column to numbers only) so they can only enter the number and then the currency follows and it works great.
But if it’s free then I ask them to enter 0. But it wouldn’t look good having 0 and then currency after it when displaying the price.
So is it possible to do something like: When price is 0 then change text to FREE ?

Yes, create an IF column. If the price is 0, THEN return ‘FREE’, ELSE return the price.

Interesting. This however will change the price column to show the number entered only without the currency (currencies only show in number columns)… Do you think it’s possible to show the currency in an IF column…?

You can create a template column of the price. That will “lock in” the value with the currency attached. Otherwise you could remove the currency from the price column and instead include the currency as part of the template. Then create the IF column the same way I mentioned above, but instead of returning the price column, you return the template value.