If then else column return value

I have a lookup column that returns the shipping method price from a relation with the shipping table depending on the shipping options / method you select.
the column values appear with currency and decimals ex. $0.00, $5.00, $10.00

I have another If-Then-Else column for Shipping Price that checks if the order is a pickup or a delivery.
If pickup then it sets value of shipping to $0.00
and if delivery it sets the value to the lookup column shipping method price BUT THE PROBLEM is the $ sign and currency format is lost.
Why does the If-then-else column return a different format than the lookupcolumn? How can i change it back to decimal with $ sign showing? any advice on what is happening in the background?

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This might be happening because not all rows are $ or some are empty… Add a math column to multiple by $1

its weird because all rows have values .

I was hoping to solve it without adding more columns to my already long list of columns, but yes multiplying by 1.00 $ solved the issue.
Thank you very much

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Try to change else value from $0.00 to just 0, because $0.00 in this case might be read as a text.


i tried that but didin’t work… will go with your solution of multiplying by 1.00$ i guess