Visibility conditions

Hello Gliders!
I have an ordering application, Privacy Public, and I am having difficulty with visibility.
In my “PRODUTOS” tab, I have, among others, three columns: Template “Código Único” which is a combination of 3 letters, PED, the number of existing orders plus 1 and the name of the USER SPECIFIC; A Text with USER SPECIFIC and a Relation “Código por USER SPECIFIC” that takes the orders that USER SPECIFIC has already placed.
These columns are taken by a Form Button to a tab called PEDIDOS.
I need for Visibility conditions that some components are visible or not when:
“Código Único” “Is Included In” or “Is not included in” in the Relation “Código por USER SPECIFIC”.
Or that the Relation “Código por USER SPECIFIC” “Includes or doesn’t include” “Código Único”. It turns out that none of these options is possible when it involves a Relation.
What options should I create in DATA that contain the same information so that I can use these visibility conditions?
Thank you
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