Visibility conditions on Table & Data Grid columns

Would be amazing if we could set visibility conditions on the new table & data grid component columns.

This can allow us to build apps where users can select what they want to see in the table in addition to many other design options.

Visibility option to hide table when empty would be excellent.

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You can do that by adding a visibility condition that displays the table when the relation or query its based on is not empty.

Yes but not that flexible for tables which aren’t based on relations or queries.
Especially when tables are displayed on a tab which isn’t the table source.

As work around for this we’ve created queries on the relevant tab to display the relevant data then filter the table to be hidden when the query is empty.
It works but seems simpler to have a hide if empty option on the visibility settings. This would keep the data cleaner with less queries.

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Yes i understand your use case, that is true.

From my personal experience, i find the queries you create on the relevant tab in advance are better for the app performance rather than adding filters to the collection component or basing a collection on an entire database table.

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