Component visibility not pulling from table correctly

These are the visibility settings for a hint on my screen, and the same for a button block. The litres filled is definitely not empty and is not the problem, the problem is the 2nd one. It should show when its not checked, yet its visible despite it CLEARLY being checked:
Screenshot 2024-01-25 092437

When I change the visibility to when it is checked, it disappears, meaning its reading the value wrong. I added a button on that screen to reload query for that table, still wrong. Refreshed page, still wrong. If I exit the entire web browser and come back in, then it works fine for one transaction but then immediately starts up again for the next.

Any ideas?

I guess my only suggestion would be to check that your screen is attached to the row you think it is.
But based on what you’ve said, I’m inclined to think this could be either a bug or an unsupported use case related to Big Tables.

If nobody else has any ideas, you might be best to submit a support ticket.