Lookup columns only show data for logged-in user

Hey there!

I’m Dias, the cofounder of a startup me and my friend Nathan are making.

We currently have 4 apps in our starter team. We use a shared account system using shared tables in Glide. One of our apps shows Lookup column data, like usernames and emails, totally fine for all users. One of our other apps does the complete opposite, and instead of showing Lookup data for all users (like it should as demonstrated by the other app), it only shows data for the current logged-in user and not the other users. Is there a way we can fix this?


Do you have row owners enabled?

Can you share some screenshots for your setups?

Hi, I’m Nathan and me and Dias are both working on this. Here is an image of the app that isn’t:

What’s happening here is that the “Profile relation” column is matching the email in the row with an email in the Users table. Then the Profile image and Profile name columns are using that relation to get their data. However, the data is only appearing for their own user row and not anyone else’s.

Also note that the app that does work has a user table that is synced with this app.

So can you tell me what do you use this table for? Is it an object that is linked to the user?

This table is a list of posts that users have created. Technically, each post is linked to a user with the email

So back to the Row Owners. Do you have Row Owners enabled in your user table?

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I have turned off row owners and the issue has been fixed. Thank your for your help!


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