Lookup column not displaying in layout

I am trying to get the data from a lookup column to display in my layout but it will not display. I’ve created a relationship between one data table and another and then used that relationship to create a lookup column. The lookup data shows up in the database but will not display on the layout. Any ideas?

Lookup information shows in the table above, but not in the data table below or in the user screen that I am building.

You could try changing your relation to ‘Single’ instead of match multiple.

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If you are able to choose the lookup column, and the lookup doesn’t appear as an array in the data, then the relation should already be a single relation.

I’m more inclined to say that the Operator table has Row Owners applied, and the current user is not the owner of the row that the relation is attempting to connect to.


How do I do that?

Yes, Row Owner is applied. I didn’t know what row owners did. Let me try and remove it to see if it resolves the issue.

That did it. I removed the Row Owners function from the Operator table. What does Row Owner do anyway?

Row Owners secures the data. If you have row owners applied then only the rows that a user owns will be downloaded to their device. If you don’t apply row owners, then a user has access to all rows of data in that table.


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