Lookup Columns DO NOT show in List/Compact Layout

Please, have a look:

All three fields (StaffMobile, StaffImage, StaffName) are lookup columns in DataEditor only:

But they don’t show up in List/Compact layouts.

Am I doing something wrong?

It looks like it is set up correctly, but can you confirm that your relation is a single relation and not a multiple relation? Is there anything unique about the column values in the Staff sheet? Are the columns in staff sheet glide columns or sheet columns?

I would also try a simple browser refresh.

The first 2 columns exist in the Google Sheet (there are only these two in the sheet).
The next column is the relation,and it’s a single one:

The rest are Glide Lookup columns only in the Data Editor.

The List Screen produces 4 results, which is correct, but does not show any of the Lookup columns.

I’ve scheduled a demo tommorow for this app (which will be a Pro app) - is this a bug of some sort?

Maybe this is the cause:

The relation is to table Users, in which I’ve defined Email as Row-Owner. “Patient” and “Staff” derive from the same sheet. So, the Relation works fine in the Data Editor but data cannot show due to the Row-owner restriction.

Thank you, sorry for wasting your time.


Yes, I’d definitely put my money on it being Row Owner issue. When you enable Row Owner, the ONLY data that is downloaded to a device, and that a user can access and see are the rows where the email matches the signed in user.

Row Owners are better security if data absolutely must be kept separate for each user, but if you are still using some of that same data elsewhere in your app for all users to see, then row owners will not work for you.

I would remove row owners, but first make sure to copy your sheet or the sheet and app. Others have had weird issues when turning off row owners and have lost data.

If you still need row owners in some capacity, maybe you can split up the staff sheet info into multiple sheets. One sheet with public info and one sheet with private info. Then you can relate both sheets together as needed.

Yes, I did just that. In this case, Row-owners is a must since the app references medical data.

Thanks again.


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