Lookup field not working

My app’s URL: Glide

I have recorded the issue in this youtube vid: Lookup field bug - YouTube

Maybe I’m doing something wrong… But cant figure out what.

Hope this helps. Let me know if more info is needed.

Hola @Jvmenen

Is your relation multiple? If so, that’s the problem. Lookups work with single relations.

I hope this helps.

Everything looks ok, but do you have row owners on your user table. Also, you could try refreshing your browser, or recreating the relation and lookup.

Hi Jeff, I Have row owner on the user table but not on the things table. It has for sure something to do with the option: Viewing as. (top left corner). When I uncheck, no names show up. When I check a name, only that name shows op in the list view for the items related to the “viewing” user. For the other items in the list the names stays blank.

Hi, thanx for the sugestion but the relation is not multiple (an item in the things list belongs to 1 user in the user table).

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Row owners still apply whether it’s coming through a relation or not. When Row Owners are applied, only the signed in user can see rows that have the same email address as the one they used to sign in. On a phone, none of the other data is even downloaded if they are not the owner of the data. Row owners is a security feature.

Hi Jeff, removing the Owner from the email field in the user table resulted in showing all the names for every item in the list.
My bad, Ik can see this is intended functionality to keep info secure.
Learned something! And thanx for pointing me in this direction!

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Glad to help.