Problems with relations columns and users

hello, for my app i needed to use relationship columns. Whether it’s on my computer or my home phone, I can see all the photos and information that is in the relationships column, but when another user is using the app, they can see all the information from folder to folder. except what is in the relationship columns. What’s the problem? Thank you in advance for your help.

Could you provide a screenshot or two to help us visualise what your issue is?

Your use of the term “folder to folder” is a little confusing, as Glide doesn’t really have any concept of folders. So perhaps you could explain a bit what you mean there?

Also note that relation columns on their own do not contain any data. All they do is provide a link between two sets of related data (usually in separate tables, but not always). If you have a multiple relation column, you can use that in an Inline List component which will provide (by default) a link to a details view of the data at the other side of the relation. If it’s a single relation, and you need to access data via it, then you need additional columns.

unfortunately the application was almost complete, it contains information that I cannot put on the internet but to try to be more understandable:
I have a first table which groups together my various current files with different information (name of the file, summary of the file, …)
A second table containing information on people (identity, address, photo, …)
And a third table containing information on cars (model, photo, registration, …).
When I go to one of the files in my first table, I can find the relationships with the people and cars associated with this file.
But when another user consults this same folder he can see the name of the folder, the summary of the folder but he cannot see the people and cars associated with this folder.
How do I make sure that any user can see the same information as me?

Are you using Row Owners?

I have already tested but I don’t think it changes anything.
What is weird, when a user adds a new person or a new car to an existing record, the new row would appear in the people table or in the cars table, but the link to the record doesn’t.

Already tested what?
Row Owners would explain the behaviour you’ve described, but you didn’t answer my question about them.

This is difficult to troubleshoot without understanding how you have this setup, and in particular how your relations are configured.

And I’m still not understanding your use of the term “folders” - do mean Inline Lists?

Is there any way you can share a couple of screen shots that show your table structure, how you have your relation columns configured, which UI components you are using? (you can obscure any private/sensitive data).

On the first screenshot, the table with my user profile, we see that there are elements in the relationship columns.

The first line was done with my profile, the second line with the profile of another user. On the second row, the relationship columns are empty when they should contain the photos that the user has added

On the second screenshot, the table with the profile of another user, we can see that in neither of the two rows does the information that should be found in the relationship columns appear. However, on his phone he sees all the information that pertains to row 2 including information that pertains to relationship columns.

In the third screenshot, the two user profiles.

In the end, on the application, here is the difference between what I see and what the user sees.

Can you please show (or describe) how your relation columns are configured?

If they are empty for the second user, that indicates that a match is not being found.

relationships are configured as follows for people and cars.

Capture d’écran 2022-01-10 à 13.09.34

Capture d’écran 2022-01-10 à 13.10.05

Okay, so there is your problem.

Relations work by matching values. You’re trying to match a text value (Row ID) to a boolean value (Is Favourited). This will never work. In fact, I’m not even sure why the relation was returning anything for the first user.

Anyway, what you need to do is find a common value in each table to use in the relation column. In this case, it probably should be a User Email address or User ID. You just need to make sure you have a column in each table that contains the appropriate value, and it is updated when new records are added.

ok thanks for your help, i didn’t understand everything but i understood the idea. Thanks again.

I finally found it, thank you very much for your help !!!

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