Block Random Sign-Ins From Populating to Sheet


I have a public app with a tab in the menu, so the sign-in button appears. This is not public with sign in.

The signing is only intended for businesses, but other people from the public will try to sign in. I tried this for myself and the entered email address appears on my user profiles sheet. Is there a way to stop this from happening? All businesses will already be on the sheet, so they will not be added via sign in.


Email whitelist (Allowed email list) is what you need. It will restrict sign-ins to only those listed in your sheet. This is a Pro feature.

Yes, I plan on getting pro, once everything works how I need it to, and this is one of them

I need the app to be pubic, this is why I am waiting for public with whitelist, hopefully it happens this week. :smile:

@Jen_NYCP why not use visibility on the different tabs and only show the possibility for leaving notes etc based on the signed in email for those with a given role like “business”


That doesn’t stop someone from the public from trying or actually logging in from the public.

What I don’t want to happen is their email address populating on my sheet when they try to do so.

Another solution could be populating those signs ins to some other sheet, I don’t want to deal with them or have them popup in my directory, as they are not my intended sign-ins.

Not sure if that’s possible.

If you turn off the user profiles setup, it will be logged into the App: Logins sheet.

Don’t I need that for visibility settings?

OK I’m going a whole other route, no longer worrying about that sign in tab.