Public with Email - remove and block user


I’m setting up a new app. We are using public sign up with email (don’t want to manage a whitelist, and want to encourage new users outside of our existing network) However, I am wondering what happens if we need to remove and block someone - ie if they are not adhering to community guidelines?


You could probably set up a block sheet where you would place the emails of the offending user. then using a series of templates, relations and lookups, you could pull the array list of emails into each sheet and set visibility to show certain components if the lookup column ‘isn’t signed in user’. They will still be able to log in, but they will not be able to see certain things or possibly post something. Of course this won’t stop them from signing in with a new email.

Thanks! I was thinking of it in terms of removing ability to sign-in, but this works too.

Hi, I am also looking for a similar solution. Would you be willing to share how did you go about solving it? Thanks!