Visibility with signed in user not displaying correctly

I’ve searched a bit and while I’ve found people talking about this on edit screens, don’t feel like it quite pertains to my issue.

When I am signed into anything other than the first account I created, I can’t get items to display with visibility per signed in user.

Here I have a screen where I want elements to show if the user is signed in. Ultimately I wanted to put a button that said if you aren’t signed in, you should make an account and have this area only available to users with a profile.

I was signed in with this user when it worked.

Then I try to sign in with another user, using the preview function and typing in a new email address.

Now I have nothing on this screen even though I’m signed in.

Am I missing how this function is supposed to work? Or is this a bug?

My app’s URL:

Signed In User means it checks the email in the column of that row and compares it to the user that is signed in. If the emails don’t match, then the components won’t show. It is not meant to indicate if a user is signed in or not. If you are selecting the signed in user option, then it means you have set your privacy to Public with Email or Whitelist, which means everyone has to sign in to use the app. I’m guessing nothing is showing because your email column only contains the first email address you used.

Do you really mean that you want a user to complete a profile first, and then only those users that have completed their profile will see the components?

This is probably more along the lines of what you actually want.

Is what a bug? The empty screen? I don’t think so. If it’s set up correctly, it should work.

So I realized the issue, I had the screen set on detail view so that I could make the choice components and an inline list, but I wasn’t filtering by signed in user from the detail level. Only on the component level. Once I filtered by signed in user on the detail level then my components began to work correctly because it was comparing it to the correct row.

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How do you show email address After logging in ?

How do you want it to look like? You can either show it in a text, rich text or an email component.


What I want to do is to change visibility by logged or not user.
There is user email row but it doesn’t have whether logged.

Can I assign “User’s email address” in form to “User email” in visibility of button element?

User email is empty/is not empty should work if you’re using a public app.