Problem with user profiles and/or email visibility condition

Describe the bug:

  • On most of my glide pages, I use visibility conditions to show / hide components for users who are and are not signed in. The visibility condition I most frequently use is show if User Profile > Email is Empty or show if User Profile > Email is not empty. Today, all of my published pages seem to recognize that a visitor is signed in. I.e. components that are supposed to be visible when user’s email address is empty are not visible when someone is signed in. The user profile’s table has not changed. The pages originally functioned as expected in the builder but now are not.

Expected behavior:

  • Components should be shown to users who are not signed in when the visibility condition is set to show when user profile email address is empty.

How to replicate:

  • Create a glide page with visibility conditions tied to user email being empty and publish.

Link to demo recording:

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Yes, I had seen your post on that, the user sheet hasn’t been changed in my case and I already had row owners enabled. Trying the template to copy email now and thank you for the suggestion!

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The template doesn’t seem to work either, anything pulling from the user profile is causing an issue

In the template, use the User Emai from the User’s Profile… not from the row… so it will copy the user email to all rows… then you will know… if the user is not signed in… this column will be empty.
So, change the visibility condition: If copy email is empty.