Show component when Email is signed-in user not working

I am trying to create conditional visibility for a component using “Show component when Email is signed-in user”, but for some reason the component is showing even when user is not signed in. Any idea why this may be? Thanks in advance.

It should be when email is not empty.

Email is signed-in user only compares the user’s email to … itself, in a tab or component visibility context, if I understand it right.

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Component visibility does work with email is signed-in user, but make sure you actually need that.

If your app uses one of the sign-in capabilities, every individual in the app will be seeing content only when they are signed in, which means placing “Show component when Email is signed-in user” would show the component always for all users.

I have used “Email is signed-in user” only in filters so far, to filter out the content created by the user.

For component visibility you would need to make it depend on a condition. Something like ThinhDinh suggested “Email is not empty”. Or if component visibility is depended on something else, example if the user email has created something or not, then it can be dependent on the Row ID or a relation id.


Fabulous, many thanks to you both.