Visibility condition "IF MAIL IS SIGNED IN USER"

Hi everyone,

I’m having some trouble with the visibility condition “IF MAIL IS SIGNED-IN USER”.

I want some items to be visible ONLY when the user is signed in. I’ve tested it and it works.


If the user logs out, these items will stay visible and I don’t know why since the user is not loged in anymore… Is this the browser that remembers the user ?

Thank for the help,

this means the user is empty. You should add the empty other user section

you mean, Show tab when “User’s mail is not empty” ?

This is the correct condition:

  • For unsigned-in users: User’s email is empty
  • For signed-in users: User’s email is not empty

If user’s email is signed-in user means you’re comparing the email to itself, it will always be true.


You’re right it works now !

Thanks for the help ! :smile:

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