Email whitelist

Hi Team,
I have upgraded the app to pro

I want to allow only the users with the whitelisted email I’d to access the app…

How to create the whitelisted email ID?

Do I need to list the email IDs in separate tab as I have 4 tabs & unique email ID is present in 2 different tabs …

Thanks Robert…I will try it out

I created the tab whitelist & column name domain…

I setting selected email whitelist & added the email I’d that can access the app…

My requirement is that whitelisted user must be able to see all the data in my app … but it is not showing up…it is showing all the data for both signed in user as well as non signed in user

Can someone please help on email whitelist…

You can’t have a non signed in user when using the Whitelist privacy setting. Only whitelisted user have access to the app and they are the only ones that can sign in.

I created a tab whitelist & a column domain where I added the email id’s … in setting I setected the whitelist tab… the in each tab I selected email signed in option …but it is not showing the way I wanted …so didn’t get what wrong I am doing…so please help

What do you want it to do? What’s not working?

User in whitelist must be able to all the data in 2 tabs in the app

Well, since whitelisted users are the only ones that can sign in and use the app, don’t apply any filters to the tabs. Then they can see everything.

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Thanks jeff

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