Privacy: Sign In—Domain Whitelist

Would love the ability to allow access to only users of a certain email domain.

Take a look at the @Mark’s video below. See if that helps with what you want.


Perfect. Thank you, Carlos!


Very helpful. I’d seen the video before and knew that there was an “all domain” whitelist option but it’s not in the docs, yet.

I’d also recommend that pro users call their sheet “Whitelist” since that fully explains it’s purpose.

I’m sorry for the throwback to an answered question, but I seem to be unable to access Mark’s videos. Is it possible to do what Robert asked and to whitelist a particular email domain instead of individual emails?
Thank you!

Yes. Create a new tab in your sheet called white list. Create a column header called Domain and underneath that place the domain name. Eg:


Thank you so much! I don’t know if you’ve encountered this but when I do that the sign-in process stops on the “Signing-in” page after entering the pin.

@Marika_Kachman are you able to sign in now? Looks like there was some issues today.

Thanks Robert… I will try it…