Whitelist Email Users by domain

My client sells a curriculum to schools and I’m building a complementary application for them.

Can I add a whitelisted DOMAIN instead of individual users? The problem is that there is regular turnover and the thought of trying to keep all the email addresses current is daunting. If not a whitelisted domain, maybe wildcards (*@google.com)?

p.s. I haven’t tried it to see if already works (I’m still on a free plan).


No, only individual emails are supported.

Are you sure? I just tried by creating a sheet with only a domain (@gmail.com) for an email, pointed the whitelist option to that new sheet and now my app will accept any email from that domain. I think it should work as long as you don’t have anything before the @. Whitelist is only available on a Pro plan.

I am sure about what features are supported, yes. :wink:

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can you add this feature to the roadmap? We currently have to add a lot of emails manually since our clients are large corps.


@Edward_Wang , one way to make this possible is creating a Google Form inside this very same Google Sheet asking for their name, title, department & email. And ask your client to spread this Google Form’s link out for you to let everybody in the firm fill it up to use the app. Whilst you should try to set up this sheet the way Glide demanded a Whitelist sheet to be.

With that I think you will have all employees’ name inside your glide app, and they may start using it right away, in no time.

Thanks for the advice @everys . However, this workaround doesn’t solve my problem as my clients are large Canadian banks with more than 50k employees. It would be smart to support wild card whitelist @david


That’s beyond my imagination since Glide Pro with no additional rows package will supports only 25k rows max. as far as I knew it. Good luck with that.

I would like this very much as well. We have a whole deactivation flow for terminated employees. If users were not able to log in simply as a result of the deactivation of their company email address, that would save a lot of admin work.

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One year later and this feature is still not active.
I love Glide and it truly is a brilliant service, but it seems it is more oriented towards fully public apps. Even more so, towards apps that generates revenue. I’m all for monetizing where possible and that’s a sound business model. It’s simply not one which fits enterprise/corporate clients.
Here I raise just one basic, yet very fundamental, flaw which is a showstopper for any corporate client.
It seems that other services, such as AppSheets, is fully oriented towards such enterprise clients. The thing is, they’re not a intuitive as Glide.
Well, I guess you can’t win them all (as a user) or cover them all (as a service provider)…
As a side note for the Glide team: I would strongly recommend to add a very clear and visible disclaimer about these fundamental issues. Not only that they are possibly violating the GDPR (sensitive documents are publicly visible by following a simple URL), they are also truly so trivial that corporate clients might not even make sure Glide supports them. They will assume that such basic functions are part of the system. I am ashamed to say that I am one such client who didn’t make sure the service covers these functions. Normally, when you go to buy a car, you don’t inspect to make sure it has seats, windows or lockable doors. It’s fair to say you assume this attributes are (part of) what makes it a car. When these attributes aren’t there, it’s not a car. It’s a quadricycle which isn’t suitable to most commuters. Sadly, Glide seems to be a quadricycle trying to drive on the highway with fully fledged cars.
Just to be on the safe side, I’ll mention here that I’m not affiliated in any way with any other these other cars markers/service providers. I’m just a client who is looking to buy a new car :slight_smile:

Domain support is available already. In the whitelist sheet, just include the doman as @Jeff_Hager mentioned above.

Have you ever successfully used it?
I did some testing with it yesterday, and I couldn’t get it to work.

You know…it worked before with Glides old pricing schema. I’m guessing it no longer works because Glide needs to know HOW MANY users need access for pricing purposes. @david?

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Actually, I don’t that would factor into it. Private Pro pricing is based on active users per month, so the total number that have access isn’t important. Rather, the number that actively use the app. And I would assume that Glide have a separate mechanism for calculating that number.

hm…perhaps. I’ll let @david or @mark speak to implementation.

I just tested it…domains work. Use @domain.com format.

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btw, David did chip in yesterday and mentioned that it does (should) work, but it isn’t officially supported.

Anyway, yeah - enough postulating :grin:


haha, yes!

I just re-tested and it does indeed work. I used the same app that I created yesterday and changed nothing. :thinking: