Private Storage Option

+1 billion!
Simple as that: Glide MUST allow paid users to choose their desired data storage solution. Not only that, Glide should openly declare that they DO NOT store uploaded files on their servers on such occasions where the app builder opted for external data storage. Google Drive is the obvious default option, but surely some builders will prefer other data storage providers.
The fact that ALL uploads are publicly accessible is a big no-go. I don’t want to sound pessimistic but I would assume that any reasonable business owner would immediately disqualify Glide as an option for his apps, once he/she hears that there’s no simple way to protect files uploaded via their Glide app.
As we all know, Google Drive has a robust security feature which runs all the way from simple access management to their (close to) bulletproof Vault solution for data retention. This means that in addition to inherently blocking access to files based on the domain’s configuration, it will also allow the business owner to be (as close to) 100% confident that their precious business data (i.e. uploads from Glide) is not going to be deleted, moved, exposed, hacked, etc. In other words, controlling these uploads and their life cycle.
To be honest, this seems to be such a fundamental feature that I’m surprised it’s not available until now. Using these awkward workarounds with 3rd party partners (Zapier, Integromat, etc) is not a true workaround. It’s more of looking the other way on a serious flaw of the Glide system. At the end of the day, the “original” storage option is always based on Glide’s storage which is a potential security breach to begin with. We MUST be allowed to opt-out of Glide’s own storage.
Coming back to @Darren_Murphy original post, it’s also surprising that there’s no paid feature within Glide to solve this. I have to be honest and say that even if such a feature was optional, it would still be a no-go for me, but surprised it’s not something Glide monetizes.