Private & Advanced File Management Options

Hi All,
I have just recently started using Glide to work on a passion project of mine.

I would like to understand what the options are in terms of advanced and private file management: as far as I can see, every file uploaded through a “File Picker” component results in the generation of a publicly accessible URL pointing to the file itself, whereas I would like to retain more control than this. In particular, I would need to:

  • Keep files private, accessible only to the users that uploaded them, or to specific lists of logged-in users.
  • Gather metadata about the files, such as their extension, name, and so on.

Would this be possible using Glide?

Thank you kindly for your help,

This is tricky. The link is not easily guessed, and you can prevent users from discovering the URL through the use of Row Owners, but it will still be a public link. There is an outstanding feature request related to this, see below:

In general, yes. There are several computed column types available in the Glide Data Editor that will help with this.

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Hi @Darren_Murphy, thanks a lot for your response.

I’ve added my +1 to the thread you’ve linked, as I won’t be able to use the platform at all until this feature is implemented.

Once again, thanks a lot,