How Secure is the file upload?

File storage Question:
how private / secure is the file storage? We need to request KYC related materials from users, and I don’t want them just sitting around in the cloud.

Does anyone know of any plugins that do this, maybe? like allow some sort of service connection / private folder?

Glide storage is neither private nor secure. When you upload a file/image to Glide, it’s stored and hosted in Google Cloud and a URL is returned. Although the URL isn’t discoverable or easily guessed, it is a public URL.

A Private/Authenticated storage option is a long term feature request.

There are workarounds that you could implement. For example, you could transfer all files to your own Google Workspace or some other private storage location. But then you’re faced with the issue of allowing your App users to access the files. For example, if they’re using your App via public cellular or wifi network then they probably won’t be able to access the files, unless they’re logged into an account in your workspace, or connected via VPN, etc…

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Thanks @Darren_Murphy for the reply!

I upvoted the feature suggestion :slight_smile:

I’m not concerned about the link being shared - as app users will only be employees who currently have open access to these files, anyways, and can hypothetically share them now, as well.
I’m more concerned about someone stumbling on to the link / guessing the key in the URL / somehow hacking the drive it’s stored on. The documents we need to allow for upload are private documents, containing PII - so there’s a serious concern there, and moving the docs to private hosting (which was my initial thought) won’t do - as these sensitive docs would still be hosted on these public URLs - unless you know a way to actually delete these docs form glide storage once they are transferred?

Thanks again for your help :pray:

There is no way to directly delete them from Glide storage, but if the link isn’t referenced anywhere in your App then the file will be removed after 30 days.

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